13 Interesting Business Ideas for Introverts

Who said that extroverts should get all the best careers? As an introvert, the world is your oyster. As long as you have the talent, energy, and determination to launch a business, you’re set to go. Waffling about which idea sounds best?

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Freelance Writing

Sitting alone with your thoughts with nothing more than you, your laptop, and your research sounds like a dream to most introverts. This is what makes being a writer or having a writing/proofreading/editing business such a phenomenal idea for quiet personalities.

When it comes to what kind of writing you can do, there is no shortage of business ideas. You can be a commercial writer and copywriter for businesses and websites. You can write books and self-publish them on Amazon. You can also be a freelancer for blogs. Magazines love freelancers.

Pet Care

Not a fan of working at a computer all day? Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re destined to a desk job. What if we told you one of the most fulfilling businesses you can launch is a pet care business. Even simply walking dogs can bring in a lot of money– and happiness!

A dog walking business can easily expand to a pet sitting business. Everyone needs a pet sitter in a while when they leave home or have to go on vacation, you might even need to hire extra help!

Online Tutoring

Let’s be thankful for the Internet, which allowed the age-old profession of tutoring to have an online platform. Having your own page, blog, or joining a teaching platform can be a perfect fit for introverts. You can be a one on one tutor. You can have virtual classrooms to tutor several kids at once. This can work as a side hustle or if you put enough effort into it, it could be a full-time profitable business.

Doesn’t teaching through a computer sound less nerve-wracking than standing in front of an entire classroom? Plus, you get to pick your favorite subjects to teach. Whether you want to teach English, Maths, Science– the tutoring world is your oyster. There are special tutors who help with SAT prep or help students write their college essays.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are high in demand– now more than ever as more people run their businesses from home. Let’s discuss first what a virtual assistant business is.

It means you provide virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs and employers who are in need of help. Your duties may include data entry, making presentations, managing email, research, scheduling, keeping up with industry news, managing social responsibilities, and bookkeeping.

All you need is one client before your business is ready to kick off! Before you know it, more clients will come rolling in for your impeccable services.

Social Media Consultancy

Nowadays, nearly every business neds a social media presence if they want to survive the modern age. However, a lot of businesses, especially those who are relatively small or medium-sized, either don’t know how to wield social media to successfully promote their business or they just don’t have the time.

Enter you. Introverts have a knack for social media, even if they’re not posting pictures of themselves. It’s just like normal advertising. As long as you know how to use famous platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, can post consistently, and can build a following, you sould try your hand at having your own social media consultancy business.

Graphic Design

Was this the OG of introverted business ideas? Graphic design is an business that is currently experiencing unprecedented demand. If you’re the creative type, and welcome the idea of having a largely digital business, opening your own graphic design business can become your dream career. It doesn’t take much capital or investment.

All you need are your skills, your computer, and perhaps invest in a course or two or in software to get you started.


Following the same lines as graphic designs, if you have a knack for coding and around $1,000 or $2,000 in startup money, then opening your own coding business may be the perfect fit for you!

Because coding is such an interesting and niche skill, there will always be demand for it. And the best news– other than the abundance of online resources to help you learn– is that you don’t need to worry about renting an office space. You can work from the comfort of your home.

Online Retailer Consignment

One of the easiest and best businesses you can open is an online retailer consignment business. Do you have a penchant for picking cute outfits? Or do you have too many clothes that you don’t know what to do with?

Believe it or not, there is a goldmine in those piles of clothes. You can sell them online in your own store!

All of this takes place online– except for the part where you have to mail the clothing in the packages, but it doesn’t take much effort. You’ll be the one gathering and cataloging all the clothes– and jewelry and accessories, if you want. The next step is photographing the clothes. Lastly, you’ll need to interact with clients and negotiate prices. Be sure to use clear, high quality pictures and add enticing descriptions.


Photography takes a lot of focus, observation, and quiet. It also doesn’t require many interactions, which can be ideal for introverts.

Being a photographer, especially if you choose a niche such as landscape photographing, can be extremely rewarding. Websites and stores are always looking for photographers. If you find yourself in a bind, you can sell prints, stock photos, or even offer classes.

Promoting your work as a photographer is a piece of cake on the internet. Success stories include people who quit engineering to become wedding photographers– and they couldn’t be happier.

Here’s how you can embark on this business path. All you need to do is find a catchy name for your business and purchase an LLC. The only downside of this business choice may be the cost of some of the equipment you need. If you’re just starting out, consider renting equipment.

Teaching Music

If you have a knack for playing an instrument, then chances are that you have a few years’ worth of experience and the instrument of your choosing. Why not turn that into a business?

All you need is your talents as a musician and a passion for teaching. Music is often taught in one on one classes, which takes most of the pressure off. Startup costs are relatively low. If you’re doing it online, then a computer with a webcam and a stable Internet connection are necessary. If you plan on in-person lessons, then the costs may include driving to where you’ll be teaching your students, or renting a space for them to come to you.

Ghostwriting Business

Does working in the background sound appealing? Introverts with a love for writing and for helping others often find themselves thriving in ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting is a little more complicated than other writing ventures. Yes, more and more people are using ghostwriting businesses, but you need to keep in mind that you need research skills, as well as interpersonal and marketing talents. Startup costs run a little less than $1,000.

Candle-Making Business

It could be candle-making– or it could be soap, bath bombs, knitting, crocheting– let your crafty, artistic soul guide you when it comes to this. Startup costs for candle-making businesses and similar ventures are usually under $2,000.

A lot of people get into this business because it was a simple hobby they enjoyed. While you may not become a millionaire, you could have a profitable business by growing your company and selling to other major sellers.

Transcription Business

Transcription is writing a version of an audio file, and it’s an insanely underrated career for introverts. It’s perfect because it’s just you, your headphones, a transcribing software (there are plenty of free ones), and your client. Transcription has a lot of different fields inside. There is general, legal, medical, and law enforcement transcription. Depending on your typing speed and efficiency, you can quickly grow your business. Transcription professionals are said to earn $30 or more per hour.

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