Are You Feeling Anxious for No Apparent Reason? This Could Be Causing It

This past year has presented many new challenges, and it’s left many of us feeling anxious for no apparent reason at times. If you’ve recently been finding yourself feeling more nervous than usual, there could be a hidden reason for these sudden bouts of anxiety.

Today we’re going to share some of the most common causes of stress for no apparent reason so that you can work to remove these triggers from your life and restore balance in your mind and body.

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One of the top causes of anxiety for no apparent reason is exhaustion. When we don’t get enough rest, our brain often starts to overthink or become irrational. To overcome this, make sure that you sleep the recommended seven to eight hours a night for adults. If you struggle to get through the day due to anxiety, it may be worth heading to bed for a short nap. Frequently, as soon as you feel more rested, your stress will subside.


Many of us don’t realize how sensitive we are to certain foods and drinks, but this can often trigger a bout of anxiety. Potential triggers for anxiety include caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, and when any of these are consumed in excess, there’s a good chance of you feeling more anxious.

There’s a close link between our brain and gut, and the food we eat can often affect our thoughts and emotions. Take the time to notice if any foods seem to be triggering your anxiety, and do your best to reduce or eliminate this consumption where possible.


Has your doctor recently prescribed you a new medication? One of the most common side effects is anxiety. Medicine has a massive impact on your body and mind, and some people don’t react well to certain types of medication.

While this might be a short adjustment phase, and then you’ll return to normal, keep an eye on how you feel for the next few weeks. If you find the anxiety doesn’t subside, make sure you check in with your doctor again to see if other alternatives are available that might not trigger anxiety.

Familial Stress

Whether you are a new parent or have just entered a new relationship, families, and relationships are often one of the biggest underlying causes of anxiety. While most of us love our families and spend time with one another, we still need time for ourselves to refresh and rest.

If you spend a lot of time surrounded by family and are dumping their stress on you, this could leave you with unnecessary anxiety. Talk to your family and friends about how you feel, if this is the case, and ask them to be more mindful of the pressure they are putting on you when they share their issues.

You Are Too Busy

While most of us have to work and have plenty of responsibilities to deal with, when we are constantly on the go and don’t give ourselves time to breathe, it can lead to poor mental health. Many people keep themselves busy to stop themselves from overthinking, but this leads to worse consequences in the long run.

Make sure you add self-care activities to your daily schedule and give yourself time to rest and reflect on your day. If you constantly find yourself overwhelmed, see if you can use some of your vacation days from work to unplug and give yourself a break to process and recover.

Increased Screen Time

There’s no denying that the internet and our devices have changed the world, but social media and technology are some of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety for many people. If you’ve been scrolling your phone for a while and notice you are feeling more anxious, this could be because you are comparing yourself to other people.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with Instagram, Facebook, and other social media apps, too much time on these can leave you feeling like you are missing out or aren’t achieving as much as you could be in life. Try to give yourself a digital detox every so often, and you’ll find that your anxiety reduces immediately.

Money Worries

Have you been worrying recently about how you plan to pay your bills this month? Financial worries are something that everyone goes through at various points in our lives. Even if you think you have everything under control, you might find that discussion about money trigger feelings of anxiety in you anyway.

When you go to a store or check your bank balance and feel anxious or guilty, this is a clear sign that this is causing unnecessary stress in your life. Make sure you take the time to review your finances and know that you have complete control over them to reduce anxiety in your life.

These are just some of the most common causes of anxiety, but you might find that health concerns, social situations, or even relationship issues can cause stress as well. When you are struggling with anxiety, make sure you speak to someone you trust about how you feel.

If you find your unexpected tension continues for a few weeks, we recommend speaking to a medical professional about how you are feeling. They can discuss any medications you are taking and suggest solutions to help you regain control of your life.

This could be a great post all by itself. However, we are talking about communication, anxiety, and consent before emotional dumping.

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