How to Motivate A Team and Build A Strong Work Culture

Jobs don’t have to be soul-draining as some think. Work culture is something that’s been described as a living, breathing thing. That means it can be improved upon. And under it, employers and employees literally thrive. Creativity? Through the roof. Efficiency? Unprecedented. Team satisfaction? It’s thanks to you.

Welcome to Snapreads! Today, we’re bringing you how to motivate a team to improve productivity and build a strong work culture.

First things first: contrary to popular belief– specifically, corporate belief, the answer to improving a team’s productivity and enthusiasm isn’t the trendy office space and the high salaries– although they are appreciated. The answer is in the environment they work in. The culture. You want one that inspires your team, drums up dedication, and has them excited to return the next day, rather than dreading it.

You can see the difference between companies that have a positive culture and those that are toxic. The latter is anything but motivating.

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Show You Have Integrity

Employees can sense it– and mirror it: the values of the company they work for. If you have a strong foundation, one that’s built on integrity, positive values, and purposes that the top of the hierarchy believes in, you’re already a step ahead.

but, if you’re cutting corners and cheating at certain processes, employees won’t push themselves that much harder to work. If you, however, feel that you can reinforce the company’s values, you’ll work harder than ever. It will be because you’re working on yourself as well. More than that, your entire team will bond over that common goal.

Allow Humor

Okay, you don’t want to exactly leap over boundaries. Don’t be an overbearing Michael Scott or Leslie Knope type of boss. Be…the best parts of them. Allow humor. Work is one of the most stressful things in life. Letting humor into the office isn’t just something that will boost morale. It will make those seemingly insurmountable challenges easier to handle. It’s been proven: people work harder when they’re having fun.

And you may think that, yes, this makes sense, but a stressful, constantly under-pressure work environment can also yield results.

Unlike such a toxic setting, where everyone is chasing the next deadline and being berated over the slightest mistake, a strong work culture is long-lasting, and has long-lasting results. The team won’t get burnt out and experience resentment towards their job.

Acknowledge Your Team’s Efforts

This goes past ‘employee of the month’ and who put in the most hours. When you create a recognition program, when you consistently acknowledge the effort you see your team putting in, the results will be dramatically positive.

Everyone wants to be seen, to be heard. Validation from your employer, even if some don’t seek it out, is always appreciated and incredibly powerful. Recognizing creativity and rewarding effort push for better self-efficacy– the belief that determines how well you can perform a plan of action or execute your goals.

It may not happen overnight, but the team will profit long-term if you implement these tips!

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