How to Make More Money by Following These 7 Tricks We Found On Reddit

The past year has been incredibly challenging for many of us, especially regarding our finances. Reddit is one of the best resources online to find unique ways to make more money no matter what stage of your life you are currently in. So we scoured Reddit to find some of the top money-making hacks, which we are excited to share with you here today.

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Join the BeerMoney Reddit

While Reddit itself is a fountain of knowledge for making money, we were surprised to learn there are some great subreddits to help you on this journey. BeerMoney is one of the best ones, and it currently has a whopping 360,000 subscribers. On this subreddit, you’ll find that you can complete online tasks such as surveys and product reviews, which help you to top up your funds. This is one of the best threads for learning how to make more money online, and it’s generally very reliable. We’ve seen people who make thousands of dollars each month on this subreddit, so definitely don’t sleep on this opportunity.

Sell Your Old Belongings On eBay

Reddit is a great resource for eBay sellers, and if you are new to the platform, you’ll find some great tips and tricks for selling your old possessions. Anyone can sell their belongings on eBay, and you’ll find that you can connect to a global marketplace through the site. You might be surprised by the type of items that sell on eBay, but you could clear out your wardrobe, bathroom, and any other room in your home through the site. As well as offering you a way to increase your bank balance, you’ll discover there are many other benefits of selling your possessions. For example, you’ll find that you have more time and energy for the things you enjoy, which is something we could all benefit from.

Join an Online Freelancing Platform

The Work Online subreddit is a good place to start if you are looking to increase your income. The best thing about joining an online freelancing platform is that you can work from anywhere in the world. You could be sitting in bed at home, adding to your current income by working a few hours each night. Many of the posters on this subreddit work full-time on freelancing platforms, as it’s become a more profitable income stream than their previous jobs. Almost any skill you use each day in your current job could be transferred online. Popular sites to sign up for include Upwork and Fiverr, both of which are free for you to join. You might even find people within this subreddit who are looking for your services, and Reddit, in general, is a great place to connect with people within your industry.

Launch an E-Commerce Business

We were impressed to learn how many people were thinking about starting an online business when browsing Reddit. Just take a look at the Startup’s subreddit for more inspiration and to get ideas for your online business. The great thing about an e-commerce business versus a physical business is that you don’t need a huge warehouse or office to get started. You can use dropshipping to begin your online business, and you don’t have to commit to purchasing a huge amount of stock when using this method. We recommend researching the hottest items for sale this year, and you’ll need to ensure you are selling something that has a large audience looking to purchase this item.

Dumpster Diving

This was probably the most surprising suggestion we found on Reddit, and we couldn’t believe how much people were making from it. Dumpster diving somewhere like a university campus could generate thousands of dollars a year. If you are wondering how this works, you’ll find that students and businesses often throw out useable textbooks and products when they aren’t of use to them anymore. These could be worth thousands of dollars each year when you sell them through Amazon. While you’ll need to keep health and safety in mind when taking this money-making route, it’s certainly one to consider if you think the trash near you is full of hidden treasures.

Dog Walking

If you are looking for a simple part-time job to supplement your income, dog walking is the way to go. One Reddit user shared they earn a few hundred dollars a month just by walking one dog a few times a week close to their home. You don’t have to create a full-blown business to start making a little extra cash, and dog walking is a service that many busy pet owners need. Ask around your local neighborhood or look online via Reddit and Facebook to start this side hustle.

Ask for a Raise

While most of the ideas we’ve shared so far focus on making extra money with a side hustle, we also found some fascinating discussions about asking for a raise. This can be a nerve-wracking conversation to have with your boss, but with the support of Reddit, you’ll be on your way to securing a raise in no time at all. Redditors share their tips and trips for how they went about asking for a raise, and the success stories on the site will inspire you. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your income without working extra hours, which most of us would appreciate during this difficult time.

Reddit is full of hidden gems when it comes to learning how to make more money. So as we head into the new year, we encourage you to think about following one of these methods to increase your salary and enjoy the benefits of bringing in more money each month. Whether you need to support your family or are just saving up for a fun vacation, these Reddit money-making ideas will help you on your journey towards living a more comfortable life.

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