How to Improve Productivity When Working in a Busy Coworking Space

Coworking offers many advantages. It enables you to meet and collaborate with your fellow professionals and gives you a space to create a new creative lifestyle where anything is possible.

However, there can be disadvantages too, because any coworking space worth its salt can also be full of time-wasting distractions. 

So, let’s look at improving productivity when you are working in a busy coworking space!

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Create A Daily Timetable And Stick To It 

When you arrive in the morning, create a checklist of tasks you want to accomplish that day and check them off as they are completed. That way, you won’t be as tempted to spend time hanging out with your coworkers when you have your to-do list to complete. 

Wear Headphones 

You don’t need to be listening to anything, but wearing visible headphones will muffle background noise and deter other coworkers from engaging you in time-wasting gossip.

Take Regular Breaks At The Same Time Each Day 

That way, your fellow coworkers will know when you are likely to be chilling at the coffee machine and will know that this is when you are available to chat. Of course, it is critical to network with your fellow professionals, but it is also important that your productivity does not suffer as a result. 

Keep Your Desk Clean And Tidy

 A messy desk does not inspire you to work, so if your space is kept clear of used coffee cups and paperwork, it creates a more inviting workspace that encourages professionalism. 

Choose The Right Desk 

In most coworking spaces, there are areas where there’s always an exciting conversation going on, and if you always join in, you will never get anything else done. Position yourself away from the hub of the coworking space and preferably where you can’t be distracted by a direct view of the “action.” 

Avoid Unscheduled Meetings  

One of the benefits of coworking is that it gives you a chance to work with fellow professionals, but if you are already working on a project, an unscheduled meeting can spoil the flow of your concentration. If you are busy, try to schedule a time for the meeting that is convenient to you. 

Avoid Engaging With People Who Waste Too Much Time 

Some people who work in coworking spaces seem to have very little interest in actually doing the work. So, if you keep getting drawn into time-wasting chats, yet you don’t want to be unfriendly or rude, propose a time when you can hang out after work or during your coffee break. 

Respect Other People’s Boundaries 

You might have a quick question to ask that graphic designer at a nearby desk, but doing this will disturb their work, and in addition, it sends out an invitation that people can do this to you. Not everyone wants to collaborate all the time, and coworkers need to respect this. Instead, schedule a meeting at a mutually convenient time. 

Use The Call Booths 

All coworking spaces have soundproofed booths for phone calls and zoom meetings. Use them for your calls whenever possible to avoid distracting those around you. After all, you can’t complain about noisy virtual meetings from other coworkers if you do the same thing yourself.  

Get Outside For A Regular Break 

Most coworking spaces have outside access to a garden or courtyard. Going outside into the fresh air and sunshine will help you recharge your batteries over the course of the day. 

Watch The Clock  

When you have reserved a meeting space, a desk, or have booked any other coworking amenity; it is booked on a time basis. If you run over, you could get a reputation for hogging space, which is unfair to your fellow workers. 

Avoid The Distraction Of Social Media 

Anybody who works online knows that social media eats up time, and working in a coworking space is no different. If you can’t avoid the lure of social media, try downloading a productivity app that rewards you for uninterrupted work time.

Don’t interrupt your coworkers to show them numerous “hilarious” videos, or everyone will hate you forever! 

Avoid Becoming A Workaholic 

The coworking space often stays open for long hours, and it can be tempting to stay too long working on a project in the company of your fellow professionals.

This is not only bad for your health and your work-life balance; you will find that you cannot keep up your productivity and quality for more extended periods. Set realistic goals and boundaries for yourself. Otherwise, you will burn out.

Attend Organised Events  

Coworking spaces are fun and exciting places, which can be distracting. It is important to enjoy the social interaction and networking potential, but equally important to focus on your work.

Taking part in organized networking events and socials will help you build connections with your fellow workers when you have the time and space to enjoy them.

Set Rewards 

Take some time out when you have successfully completed your schedule for that coffee or break in the chill-out room. One of the benefits of working for yourself is that you have autonomy over your time, so use it wisely!

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