13 Actionable Budget Travel Tips to Help You Go Further with Less

With the world slowly beginning to reopen, many of us are excited to get out there and explore. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy traveling either in your home country or further afield. So keep reading as we share 13 of the best ways to make your money go further on your upcoming trips.

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Avoid Busy Tourist Destinations

Some destinations are well known for being tourist traps, which is why we encourage you to go off the beaten path and find a less popular location for your next trip. You’ll find that hotel prices are often much lower in quieter destinations. With accommodation being one of the most significant expenses on any trip, choose your destination carefully to further your money.

Travel in the Off-Season

If you are fortunate enough to have the flexibility to travel at any time of the year, avoid peak travel times. The summer and holiday seasons are so busy almost everywhere, but if you can travel in the spring and fall, you’ll find prices will be much lower. You’ll also benefit from lower crowd levels, making popular attractions much more pleasant to visit.

Book in Advance

Where possible, we encourage you to research and book your trip as far in advance as you can. You’ll often find some fantastic deals on flights and accommodation, and you’ll have enough time to shop around and find the best deals. Also, keep an eye out for promotions around the holidays, as these can offer significant savings on the hotel or flights.

Fly in the Middle of the Week

When it comes to booking flights, there are a few ways to cut your spending. First, look for flights between Tuesday and Thursday, as these are much quieter and cheaper than weekend flights. The more flexible you can be with your booking, the easier it is to stretch your budget.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

If you are looking to save money on your next trip, your accommodation is one area where you can cut back. Instead of staying in a fancy resort, why not find a villa or Airbnb to share with your travel party. Splitting the cost among a group will be much cheaper than paying for individual hotel rooms. If you are traveling on a shoestring, consider local hostels, which offer dorm rooms that make budget travel possible almost anywhere in the world.

Look for Free Activities

When traveling, there are plenty of free or inexpensive activities to enjoy. You don’t have to spend a fortune to see some of the top locations in the city or area you are visiting; you’ll find many things to do without spending a dollar. Some of our favorite free activities include walking tours, beach days, and visiting local parks. Also, keep an eye out for museums or attractions, which may have discounted visitor days or hours.

DIY Excursions

While there are benefits of taking a guided tour, you’ll find that most excursions are incredibly overpriced for what they offer. Instead of using a company for a full-day excursion, work with your travel party to plan a budget-friendly day out. You could hire a car or use public transportation to get around, which will be much cheaper than the price you would pay for a package. If you do fancy using a guide to learn more about the attraction, find a local guide who you’ll be able to hire for an hour or two to show you around.

Save Money on Food

Food is one of the most considerable money drains when traveling, so plan to maximize your budget. Breakfast is easy to do on a budget, and if you are traveling by car to your destination, consider packing snacks. Otherwise, head to a local grocery store, where you can stock up your room with snacks and drinks for the week ahead.

Find Local Restaurants

Instead of being tempted by popular chain restaurants, look for local dining locations. This is a great way to try out some delicious local cuisine, and you’ll find your bill will probably be half the price of other restaurants in the area.

Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

Don’t waste money or damage the environment by constantly drinking bottled water. Unless the water you are visiting is unsafe to drink, bring a refillable water bottle and use this throughout your trip. You’ll find this saves you a fortune, and you’ll also feel better about reducing your waste on your vacation.

Explore the Local Area by Walking

Instead of hiring a car, explore the local area on foot. Many travel destinations are very walkable, and you’ll see more by walking than by traveling in a car or bus. What’s more, it’s a completely free way of getting around, so you can appreciate the savings it offers as well.

Pack Light

Baggage fees can add a small fortune to your flight price depending on which airline you travel with. Make sure you don’t go over the allocated baggage limit by packing light. You’ll also find it much easier to get around when you aren’t lugging heavy suitcases with you.

Plan Ahead

Finally, our number one tip for traveling on a budget is planning. Put aside some time before your next trip to research the area you are heading to. You’ll be able to find budget-friendly activities and accommodation for your visit and get a good idea about how much you’ll need to save for your trip.

As you can see, it’s entirely possible to travel on a budget. With a bit of planning, you can visit almost anywhere in the world without breaking the bank while still creating incredible memories to last a lifetime.

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